RC4WD Worminator 6x6 Narrow Axle (Front)

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Axle ホーシング

商品コード : za0041

RC4WD Worminator 6x6 Narrow Axle (Front)


販売価格 : 11,500 円

Front and rear solid axle with worm gear drive

Large gear reduction in a small axle pumpkin size

Self locking on steep slopes

Torque twist is minimized due to the gear
reduction ratio

Axle casing split right down the center (symmetrical)

CNC machined billet alum housing

Heavy duty XVD axle

Steel spool gear

Designed for 1.55 or 1.9 class crawler truck

Flat axle tube top, for mounting battery and electronics.

Gear Ratio: XX:1

Width: 159mm/6.25inch (Axle Housing)

12mm Hex